Below you can find links to a few of the routes that I have climbed and written about. If you have any questions about the routes after reading the blogs, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message for more info!


Argentière basin
Aiguille Carrée, Ravanel-Frendo
Aiguille Verte, Brown-Patey
Aiguille Verte, Couturier Couloir
Les Courtes, Austrian Route
Les Courtes, Swiss Route
Les Droites, Ginat
Petite Aiguille Verte, La Pépite
Petite Aiguille Verte, Brigite
Pointe du Domino, Petit Viking


Juho about 400m up the Brown-Patey on the Aiguille Verte. Still another 1000m to go!

Pointe du Domino, Petit Viking (3 of 3)

The Alps isn’t all blue skies and sunshine. Sam on the way down after a successful ascent of Petit Viking on Pointe du Domino in less than ideal conditions.

Grandes Jorasses
Grandes Jorasses, Rochefort-Jorasses traverse
Grandes Jorasses, Walker Spur


Juho high up on the Walker Spur of the Grandes Jorasses.


Juho on the famous Mirror Slab. Not easy in crampons!

Aiguilles de Chamonix
Aiguille des Pélerins, Rebuffat-Terray
Aiguille du Midi, Eugster Direct
Aiguille du Midi, Frendo Spur (summer)
Aiguille du Midi, Frendo Spur (winter)
Brèche du Col du Requin, Ice is Nice
Col du Plan, Col du Plan Gully (Diagonal Variant)

Aiguille du Midi, Frendo Spur (winter) (10 of 20)

Dan scratching away during a winter ascent of the Frendo Spur.

Pelerins, Rebuffat-Terray (6 of 8)

Alex enjoying some thin ice on the Rebuffat-Terray.

Helbronner area
Dent du Géant, Voie Normale

Dent du Geant-8

Joel and Ali on a lazy late afternoon ascent of the Dent du Géant.

Mont Blanc du Tacul area
Mont Blanc du Tacul, Afanasieff-Bodin
Mont Blanc du Tacul, Arête du Diable
Mont Blanc du Tacul, Gabarrou-Albinoni
Mont Blanc du Tacul, Gervasutti Pillar
Mont Blanc du Tacul, Macho Direct
Mont Blanc du Tacul, Modica-Noury
Mont Blanc du Tacul, Scotch on the Rocks
Mont Blanc du Tacul, Supercouloir
Pointe Lachenal, M6 Solar
Pointe Lachenal, Pellissier Gully
Pointe Lachenal, Star Académixte
Pointe Lachenal, Tentation
Triangle du Tacul, Le Temps est Assassin

Pointes Lachenal, Tentation (2 of 6)

Alex Mathie starting up the rarely climbed but super good Tentation on Pointe Lachenal.


Morgan Baduel on Scotch on the Rocks.

Mont Blanc
Mont Blanc, Red Pillar of the Brouillard, Bonatti-Oggioni
Mont Blanc, Royal Traverse
Mont Blanc, Super Integrale de Peuterey


Juho on his way up to the summit of Mont Blanc after climbing the Red Pillar of the Brouillard on Mont Blanc’s south face.


Juho on the Bonatti-Oggioni on the Red Pillar of the Brouillard.

Barre des Ecrins, South Pillar


Sam psyching himself up for some choss on the South Pillar of the Barre des Ecrins.

Matterhorn, Hornli Ridge
Salbitschijen, West Ridge

Salbit, W Ridge-5

Sam on the mega and superb West Ridge of the Salbit. Some say it’s the best multi-pitch rock climb in Europe and they might just be right.

Salbit, W Ridge-7

Sharing a summit with a friend. Good times!


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