Below you can find links to a few of the routes that I have climbed in and around Chamonix. If you have any questions about the routes after reading the blogs, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message for more info.

Aiguille Carrée, Ravanel-Frendo – II, TD-, 4+, M5

Aiguille des Pélerins, Rebuffat-Terray – III, TD+, 5, M6

Aiguille du Midi, Eugster Direct – IV, TD+, 4+, M5+

Aiguille du Midi, Frendo Spur – III, D+, 5c

Aiguille Verte, Couturier Couloir – IV, D, 2

Dent du Géant, Voie Normale – II, D-, 4c

Les Droites, Ginat – IV, TD+, 5

Mont Blanc du Tacul, Afanasieff-Bodin – IV, D+, 3c, 4

Mont Blanc du Tacul, Arête du Diable – IV, TD-, 5b

Mont Blanc du Tacul, Gabarrou-Albinoni – III, TD-, 4+, M3

Mont Blanc du Tacul, Gervasutti Pillar – IV, TD, 6a

Mont Blanc du Tacul, Modica-Noury – III, TD, 5+

Petite Aiguille Verte, La Pépite – II, D+, 2, M5

Pointe Lachenal, Pellissier Gully – II, TD-, 3+, M5

Pointe Lachenal, Tentation – III, ED-, M6+

Salbitschijen, West Ridge – IV, TD+, 6b


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